Monday, May 3, 2010

Lifts, lifts and lifts. And some sit-ups.

Today's WOD was a grinder: Four rounds of:
  • 15 x front squats (115 lbs) [I did Rx]
  • 15 x push-presses (115 lbs([I did 95 lbs]
  • 15 x overhead squats (115 lbs([I did 95 lbs]
  • 40 x sit-ups
Time: Well, finishing this one was a feat unto itself. But I did complete it in a time of 28:56.

This was a great WOD that worked the core muscles. The 40 sit-ups weren't much of a break at all! I thought I was going to meet Pukie during this one. Tough! My calves were spasming afterward.

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