Friday, October 1, 2010

Strength work + power snatches/pull-ups/push-ups

Bench press work today: 5 reps each of 65/75/85% of our max (which for me is 145 lbs), so I did 95/110/125 lbs.


Start with:
  • 50 x double unders
Four rounds of:
  • 7 x power snatches (125lbs) - I did 115 lbs, which surprised me, I thought I could do 125, but it was too heavy
  • 10 x pull-ups
  • 25 x push-ups
Finish with:
  • 50 x double-unders
Time: 22:40

1 comment:

  1. The Pull-Up exercise is a great exercise for developing the bicep muscle. The problem with pull-ups is that most people don’t have the strength to do them correctly or with full range of motion. The Push-Up Bench can be used to do assisted Pull-Ups.