Friday, March 26, 2010


Bounded into the gym today and was feelin' pretty good. I was delighted, therefore, to see Karen posted on the board for today's WOD -- but terrified at the same time. This is one of my better workouts and I was intent on bettering my previous score of 7:04. This was going to hurt, but I welcomed the challenge at the same time:
  • 150 wall ball shots for time (20 lbs balls thrown at a height of 10')
I managed to plough through the first 75 and was surprisingly fatigued after that (I am hoping to hit the century mark some day). I quickly picked up the ball and kept at it, breaking the sets down into 10's and 15's. I just could not string any more than that together. Thankfully I worked through it and finished at a time of 6:08 (PR).

Very happy about this one. I think that puts me on the board at the gym. Depends on how others do later today, I suppose.

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