Monday, November 30, 2009

One tough Monday

Today's WOD was one of those workouts that looked hard on paper, but was even harder in practice:
  • Every minute on the minute 6 box jumps (24"/20")
  • For the remainder of the minute: squat-clean-to-thruster (95 lbs/ 65 lbs)
The workout ends when you have completed 65 reps of squat-clean-to-thruster...but at the top of every minute you must complete 6 box jumps.

For the squat-clean-to-thruster, this is a full squat clean with the bar starting on the ground. Receive the bar at the very bottom of your squat and then in one motion fully extend to thruster. Bar touches the ground each rep.

Time: 20:45.

This WOD was sick. I seriously thought about tapping out around the half-way mark, but I fought through the insanity. What makes this WOD particularly difficult is that you can't slow down during the box jumps, otherwise you risk prolonging the workout by giving yourself less time to do the squat-clean-to-thrusters. The workout doesn't end until you get to 65 squat-clean-to-thrusters, so you're highly motivated to rip through the box jumps. Just awful.

Much grunting during this one followed by one hell of a sweat angel.

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